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Opening Doors to Your New Home

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, a number of supports are now available so that you can be opening doors to your new home. Different initiatives help in different ways. Some target first time buyers. Some make buying or renting more affordable. Others help with refurbishment.

The Help to Buy scheme: if you are a first time buyer, this scheme can help you with a deposit for a new or self-build home. You receive a refund on income and DIRT tax paid in Ireland in the last four years.

The First Home scheme: for first time buyers or those making a fresh start, this Shared Equity Scheme provides finance to help you bridge the gap between a deposit and mortgage, and the price of a new home. This Scheme takes a percentage ownership of your home, which you can buy back later.

The Local Authority Home Loan scheme: if you are a first time buyer or making a fresh start but have been unable to obtain finance from traditional mortgage providers, this scheme can assist you to buy or build a home. You can borrow up to 90% of the property’s value.

The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grants scheme: purchasers of vacant or derelict properties can receive up to €70,000 to turn a vacant house or building into a permanent home or a rental property.

The Local Authority Affordable Purchase scheme: for first time buyers or fresh starters, Local Authorities are making new homes available for purchase at reduced prices through a shared equity model.

The Cost Rental Homes scheme: cost rental provides households with long-term, secure, more affordable tenancies with rents which are generally at least 25% below comparable market levels.

To read more about the supports available, please click here.

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