South Dublin County Council Launches New Five-Year Tourism Strategy

The Mayor of South Dublin County Council, Cllr Alan Edge, launched the Council’s new five-year tourism strategy at an event in Tallaght Stadium.  The document is intended to guide the activities and work programme of South Dublin County from 2024 to 2029. Underpinned by extensive stakeholder engagement within the county (both at the regional and national level), as well as extensive research, the strategy provides a clear direction for all tourism stakeholders.

Speaking at the event, the Mayor said, “As the cultural and economic landscape continues to evolve, the importance of strategic planning for tourism cannot be overstated. South Dublin County, with its rich history, diverse communities, and stunning landscapes, stands poised to become a beacon for visitors from home and abroad, eager for all the authentic experiences that the gateway to the Dublin Mountains has to offer.”

“this comprehensive strategy reflects our commitment to unlocking the full potential of South Dublin County as a vibrant and sustainable tourist destination. By embracing innovation and fostering collaboration between local stakeholders, we aim to create an environment where tourism not only thrives but also contributes significantly to the well-being of our communities.”

Cllr Alan Edge, Mayor of South Dublin County Council

The strategy aims to add sustainability for the next phase of the county’s tourism evolution, position South Dublin to capitalise on its strongest assets, build on the previous tourism strategy and ensure that tourism supports inclusive economic growth in South Dublin.

The Chief Executive of South Dublin County Council Colm Ward outlined the Council’s ambition to spearhead the future development of tourism, saying “We all know the economic impact and job creation that tourism can bring, but aspirations for growth are, of course, accompanied by a commitment to nature, culture and heritage as well as community engagement.Collaboration with our key partners, has been integral to shaping a really relevant strategy that reflects a shared commitment to elevate tourism in South Dublin in a sustainable and authentic way.”

As a base line study, the Council discovered that the estimated value of tourism in South Dublin County totals €140m a year to the County, with an estimated 3,780 jobs based on tourism. This returns up to €32.2m to the Irish Enqueuer annually. The council expects that during the period of the strategy revenue will grow up to €216million, with up to 5,427 jobs based on tourism.


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