“Stay Safe And Enjoy Halloween”

The message to all as we draw closer to the end of October is to “Stay Safe And Enjoy Halloween”.

It’s the motto at the forefront of South Dublin County Council’s Halloween Safety and Environmental Awareness Campaign 2017.

As part of this initiative, “Bulbs Not Bonfires” is a reward scheme put in place by the Council to limit damage to our environment.

Communities who organise alternative Halloween activities to bonfires will receive flowers in the spring to brighten up their neighborhoods.

Speaking about Halloween in South Dublin, Mayor Paul Gogarty said:

“Halloween should be a celebration with the focus on having fun but also being aware of our safety.

“We can make it a more enjoyable time for all by not contributing to illegal bonfires which are such an extra unnecessary burden on our already busy Emergency Services, An Garda Síochána and Council Staff.

“The money spent on cleaning up after these bonfires could be used instead to make positive changes in our communities.”

A string of fun filled Halloween events, including Harry Potter workshops, for children of all ages will be hosted by South Dublin County Libraries through the month.

Further information on the campaign and information on Halloween safety can be found by accessing

Written by Nick Fitzgerald.

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