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Tackling Plastic Poulltion

More than 8 millions tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. 4Ocean is a global movement actively challenging this issue by removing waste from our oceans; pulling 1,133,108 pounds of toxic marine waste to-date.

This movement began with two surfers visiting Bali, Indonesian, and their devastation by the amount of plastic in the ocean. One afternoon in Bali, the pair came across a fishing village where fishermen were seen pushing their boats through piles of plastic abandoned on shore. Alex and Andrew, surfers and founders of the 4Ocean campaign, wondered how the fishermen could help. Could they collect waste in their nets while out at sea? Something needed to fund wiling bodies and the process of removing the trash from the ocean. The response was teh 4Ocean Bracelet.

This incentive is a bracelet made completely from recycled materials. Bracelets are sold online at 4Ocean.com and every bracelet purchased fuds the removal of 1 pound of marine waste from our oceans and coastlines.

The company established itself two years ago and employs over 150 people worldwide. The use of the word ‘ocean’ in the foundation’s name is strategic; it reflects its the pillars. Optimising technology, Creating Jobs, Education & Awareness, and New Global Economies are driving forces to the business’ mission.

4Ocean are striving to find a solution to the overwhelming problem of plastic pollution ‘one pound at a time’. Now is the time to consider what our local communities can do to emulate iniatives like 4Ocean.


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