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Cork’s Pedals are in Motion for European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week (EMW) is running this year from 16th to 22nd September. This campaign raises awareness on sustainable urban mobility and is the largest of its kind in Europe.

The objective of the campaign is to achieve behavioural change towards cleaner, more intelligent transport choices. The week-long event provides opportunity to present sustainable mobility to alternative to local stakeholders.

EMW hopes to encourage communities to reassess their journeys and how they move around cities. It’s important that we evaluate the different modes of transport available to us daily, especially when our choices can have a lasting, and positive impact on environment resourcefulness.

The theme for this year is Multimodality, with a slogan of Mix and Move. What does that mean? Multimodality is ‘the mixing of transport modes within the same journey or for different trips.’ The campaign’s promotional video encourages making your journey work for you, and to try something new that might help enrich the day.

Cork City Council are working with the Cork Transport Mobility Forum to try and motivate commuters to choose alternative, more eco-friendly methods of transport. Some of the initiatives the cooperative are undertaking include:

EU Social Biking – a new initiative from the European Commission to encourage cycling as a social habit.
Highlighting Correspondence Control Management System (CCMS) – implementing balance between different transport modes

Reminding people of the infrastructure that is under construction, the Harley St pedestrian and cyclist bridge, that will benefit the city upon completion.

Highlighting the access ramp to the old railway line at Citygate, Mahon making access much easier now for pedestrians and cyclists

Hosting PARKing Day on Friday 21st – this will see parking spaces transformed into parklets for the day. Parklets are a sidewalk extensions that provides more space and amenities for people using the street

Launching additional car share vehicles and parking facilities for GoCar

Coordinating the Rebel Pedal on Saturday 22nd September. This will be a great family fun event starting at Fitzgerald’s Park at 11.30 with great entertainment afterward in the park.

Public bike pumps will be installed outside City Hall to facilitate city cyclists

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