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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has opened a public consultation process for Census 2027. They are inviting submissions from members of the public, organisations and interest groups on suggested questions for Ireland’s next census, which will take place in 2027. Submissions proposing changes to the phrasing of questions used in Census 2022 or suggesting new […]
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Labour Force Survey (LFS) data published by the Central Statistics Office show a record level of employment and continued recovery from the pandemic in Ireland’s labour market, with 224,800 jobs created in the year to Q4 2021. There was an increase in employment of 17,500 in the fourth quarter. Employment now stands at 2.48 million, […]
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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has published a publication of on household “Digital Consumer Behaviour”, covering individuals’ use of e-commerce including shared economy, internet activities, their use of e-Government, online learning and ICT skills. Commenting on the report, Maureen Delamere, Statistician, said, “life in Ireland has changed quite substantially