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Taking the Lead on Two Wheels

There is a saying “you take action based on where you want to be, not based on where you are.”

The Department of Transport and National Transport Authority have taken the lead in supporting their employees with a European Standard of Cycle Friendly Workplace and achieved a gold standard accreditation.

In addition to attracting and maintaining a strong workforce, supporting employee Active Travel on the commute is one of the ways we can enable carbon reduction in Ireland. And it has the huge added gain of being proven to also benefit physical and mental health.

The Cycle-Friendly Employer programme is an EU-wide initiative first launched in 2017 that offers employers with an adaptable, actionable model for cycle-friendliness in the workplace. And it’s now included in the Government’s National Sustainable Mobility Policy Action Plan for 2022 to 2025.

The certification process assesses onsite cycling amenities including showers and clothes drying, bike access and storage, and bike servicing facilities as well as cultural and wellbeing initiatives such as cycling weeks, onboarding information, and community cycling events.

Checkout the Free Cycle-Friendly Employer self-evaluation!

They would love to help you become a leader too. Find out more here or you can contact [email protected] or Dublin business lead [email protected]

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