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The impacts of Covid-19 on small business owners: A Q&A with Phillip Donnelly.

In today’s podcast we spoke to Philip Donnelly who is he owner of Phil Donnelly Personal Training (PDPT).

Phil Donnelly Personal Training is a registered personal training service that offers professional and individualised coaching. PD Personal Training works in a private studio at 8 Terenure road north, Terenure, Dublin 6.

Phil’s background in sport science and over 7 years of coaching experience has led him to help individuals of all different ages and abilities. 

In this this weeks Q&A, Phil, along with our Council Editor, Jack Mullen spoke about a host a various topics. However, the central theme that appeared throughout this discussion was that of the impacts of Covid-19 on small business owners.

Phil spoke candidly about how Covid-19 has affected his industry, and moreover, how he has had to adapt to keep his business open in light of the pandemic. Matters such as the ability to work remotely, the provision of grants by governing bodies and whether or not individuals were keen to get back into training facilities were all touched upon throughout.

In the latter part of the discussion, Phil highlighted some of the strategies he implements in order to differentiate his business from larger competitors.

To conclude, Phil offers his opinions on what the future may hold for micro enterprises affected by this pandemic, and for his industry as a whole. 

To listen to the full podcast see here or listen below:

If you wish to find out more about PDPT either email him on [email protected] or alternatively contact him through his instagram page directly

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