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VisionGreen Plans Expansion to Help SMEs Navigate Evolving Sustainability Landscape

Green consultancy firm, VisionGreen, is planning an expansion of its business, with plans to add a range of new roles over the next two years. When the new positions are announced, they will be in the areas of energy management, carbon management, and software development in the company, as it looks to scale up operations, amid businesses’ pivot to sustainable operations. 

The Irish company, which collaborates with businesses of all sizes and supports them in understanding the impact their business has on the environment, has a new software solution to help companies with sustainability reporting, as mandatory reporting standards come into effect from 2024.

The VisionGreen app is designed to make businesses more profitable and sustainable simultaneously, transforming how businesses operate and turning sustainability into a competitive advantage. Proactive businesses can stay prepared for new tenders and value chain sustainability requests. With the app, they will always be ready to provide the information and the data needed to seize business-critical opportunities.

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive obligations arise from the European Green Deal’s climate change action objectives, to further enhance the disclosure by companies on climate and environmental data. Companies in scope will be required to report on a double materiality basis, meaning that companies will have to disclose not only the risks they face from a changing climate and other ESG matters (financial materiality) but also the impacts they themselves may have on climate and society (impact materiality).

Recently, the company partnered with multinational DHL to help launch a pioneering €80 million biomethane transport investment. As the project managers for the initiative, VisionGreen consultants have been key enablers for the project. DHL will begin operating biomethane-fuelled trucks with an investment into a dedicated biomethane production facility in Cork, run by Stream BioEnergy. The new facility will result in an annual carbon reduction of 15,000 tonnes, the equivalent of more than 38 million miles driven by an average petrol-powered passenger vehicle. This first-of-its-kind project in Ireland demonstrates VisionGreen’s impressive credentials in driving real impact. 

Director John Pakenham said, “companies have done an admirable job deploying climate-positive practices to date, but a significant acceleration is required to meet net-zero targets—and to stave off the worst effects of climate change.”

“VisionGreen has always believed that businesses, regardless of their size, have the potential to be a force for good. Our journey over the past four years has shown us that when innovation, sustainability, and dedication merge, incredible transformations can happen. Recently VisionGreen was part of the largest transformational transport project in Ireland, and this is a testament to what small businesses can achieve when they work with the right partners towards a common goal.”

“As businesses’ demand for climate projects continue to grow and added compliance obligations apply, we now forecast exponential growth as a company, so we are keen to think boldly and hire more change-makers to join us on our journey.”

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