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Are you or do you know person with a disability who may need a home in the future?

Do you know that you may be eligible for social housing?

The Irish Wheelchair Association ‘Think Ahead, Think Housing’ campaign is supporting people with disabilities to find out how to apply to your local authority so that you can be included in social housing planning and delivery for the future.

If you will need a home, it’s important that you act now. Currently, there are over 5,000 people with disabilities including physical, mental, intellectual, sensory and others, waiting for social housing.

Some good news is that for the first time, if you are a wheelchair user, you are now able to request wheelchair-accessible or ‘livable’ accommodation thanks to recent changes in the national social housing application form.

The campaign aims to help provide the Government with a more accurate estimation of the number of disabled people nationwide who will require social housing in the future.

This will help local authorities, approved housing bodies, and developers to better plan and deliver for the housing needs of our society and to bridge the housing gap.

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Watch Aoife and Stephanie on how important it is to Think Ahead, Think Housing:


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