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ESB Bleeper eBikes Roll into Fingal Locations

The pilot programme, ESB Bleeper eBikes, came into operation across Fingal in mid-August and will run for a ten-month period. With 3 Fingal charging stations located in Swords, Malahide and Howth, these ESB eBikes add another convenient option for people choosing Active Travel to get where they’re going.  

Bleeper will maintain and operate the eBikes with the charging infrastructure provided by ESB. Bleeper’s ESB eBikes scheme is available and is accessible via the Bleeper app.

Speaking at the launch of the ESB eBikes pilot project, Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director, Strategy, Innovation and Transformation at ESB, said, “a number of years ago, ESB established the X-Potential Incubator programme to develop innovative, sustainable and commercially viable business ideas. We are very proud to have launched our eBike pilot – which is a new concept in Ireland and was conceived and developed by X-Potential. Investing in low-carbon, sustainable mobility infrastructure for Ireland is a reflection of our commitment to leading the transition to a net zero energy future.  With this project, we are delighted to be part of the broader Interreg North-West Europe eHUBS programme and that Dublin will now join other member cities, such as Amsterdam and Manchester.”  

The eHUBS programme provides funding for on-street e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and e-cars with the aim of developing a blueprint for replication in other cities and regions to reduce air pollution, congestion and CO2 emissions while developing a market for commercial shared e-mobility providers aligned with local policy. With the launch of its eBike project, ESB is now a proud partner of the eHUBS programme and will co-operate with other consortium partners for the duration of the pilot to help further develop low-emission shared transport solutions throughout Ireland and Europe.  

As strategic research partner to the project, Trinity College Dublin will analyse commuter behaviour in relation to e-mobility transference from private cars to a shared low-carbon travel solution and will identify key mobility patterns, calculate carbon savings, and evaluate commercial potential based on data collected from ESB eBikes. 

Mayor of Fingal Cllr Howard Mahony welcomes the addition of this new Active Travel option, stating, “these three new eBike stations in Swords, Malahide and Howth will offer residents and visitors a really convenient and useful service. With this short-term rental option you don’t need to own a bike to give Active Travel a try and we can already see lots of people enjoying the ESB eBikes in Fingal.”

Director of Services for Fingal County Council’s Department of Environment, Climate Action and Active Travel David Storey says schemes like this one are vital to changing behaviour, saying, “a key focus for Active Travel is getting more people to choose to cycle or walk for local journeys. The ESB eBikes are on the street in Swords, Malahide and Howth complementing the two bike sharing schemes we offer across the County, and we’re delighted to see more and more availability of short term rental eBikes allowing everyone who can cycle to make this healthy, climate friendly choice.”

Source: Fingal County Council

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