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Grant Thornton Returns with Irish Business Voice Programme

After a period of unprecedented change and volatility in national and international markets in 2021, Grant Thornton Ireland has launched the 2022 Irish Business Voice programme, giving local Irish businesses an opportunity to have their voices heard on the issues that matter most. 

The objective of the programme, which was first established in 2021, is to get to the heart of the issues and hurdles Irish businesses face. The pandemic instigated extraordinary changes to how Irish businesses operate, with the acceleration of digital transformation, regulation and reporting requirements and multi-located workforces to name a few. 

Grant Thornton aims to get a clear understanding of what amongst the plethora of changes, are the most serious concerns facing Irish businesses as they navigate a ‘post-pandemic’ world, and to workshop those concerns to support them into the future. 

In 2021, the Irish Business Voice Programme revealed Irish businesses were most concerned about digital transformation and business process inefficiencies, access to a skilled workforce, and challenges to progressing their sustainability ambitions. With inflation at its highest in 40 years, global conflicts causing huge disruption to supply chain and the country at almost full employment, Grant Thornton Ireland is ensuring business are equipped with the right advice, knowledge and tools to ensure growth amid these changes. 

Speaking at the launch, Grant Thornton Partner in Financial Services Advisory, Aengus Burns said, “Grant Thornton Ireland is aware of the crucial role local Irish businesses play within the wider economy, which is why we are delighted to announce that for the second year running the Irish Business Voice Programme will work to uncover the unmet needs of Irish businesses.”

“We aim to arm Irish businesses with the tools to help them navigate the issues of the day, including inflation and supply chain delays, ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge to work through the current economic uncertainty and return to a new era of sustained growth and success.” 

The programme will allow Grant Thornton to better understand whether business process efficiencies and digital transformation that 76% of respondents in 2021 highlighted as an issue still remain hurdles that need addressing; whether the predicted decline in revenue which 51% expected has been realised; and what, if any, actions have been taken to counteract it. 

The programme is an important tool to identify and navigate a path forward. It will begin again this year with a survey, which will deep dive into the business issues faced now and in the near future. Business from all industries and sectors can participate in the survey here

Source: Leitrim Live

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