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Kildare County Council to Go Wild for Biodiversity Week 2022

Kildare Biodiversity Week 2022 will take place from Saturday 14th May to Sunday 22nd May, beginning with a Dawn Chorus at Castletown House and Parklands led by Kildare BirdWatch Ireland and a Day of Action on Lullymore West Bog at Bog of Allen Nature Centre on Saturday 14th May.

Biodiversity Week is a great opportunity for people to get out and find out more about nature and Wildlife in Kildare. Walks and talks covering all aspect of Kildare’s natural Heritage have been organised by wildlife groups across Kildare.

The word ‘biodiversity’ is coined from biological diversity, it’s about the variety of plant and animal species and the interaction between them. It is this interaction that is essential for life, giving us all the things, we need – clean air, water, agriculture, food and amenity.

Ireland’s biodiversity is in a state of crisis. Around one-third of Ireland’s 98 wild bee species are threatened with extinction, while recent findings show that over 60 per cent of the 202 species of commonly occurring birds in Ireland are now on the red and amber conservation lists.

Over 90 per cent of 58 listed habitats in Ireland also have an ‘inadequate’ or ‘bad’ status and just over half of the 61 European protected species in Ireland have a ‘favourable’ conservation status.

Bridget Loughlin, County Kildare Heritage Officer, said, “at this time of biodiversity crisis, it is important for the public to gain an understanding of our local biodiversity and so Kildare Biodiversity Week has been organised to develop awareness of the importance of biodiversity and to better understand its value to the local, national and international communities. The people of Kildare are invited to get out into Kildare’s Biodiversity, to visit Kildare wild spots, lakes, rivers, bogs, woodlands or to simply enjoy the biodiversity of their back garden.”

This listing of events has been compiled by Kildare County Council through the Heritage Office. All events are free but some may require advance booking.

Source: Kildare County Council

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