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New waste prevention initiative unveiled in Limerick

Limerick City and County Council is delighted to welcome a new waste prevention initiative to Limerick. The 2GoCup is Ireland’s first deposit and return scheme for hot beverage cups which so far has saved over 2.5 million single use cups. Since arriving in Limerick, the 2GoCup is being used in Limerick City and County Council’s Nourish canteen Merchant’s Quay and another MasterChef premises in Mary Immaculate College along with Abbey River Coffee and the Green Onion Café, Rutland Street.

Each 2GoCup lasts a minimum of three years if it is used every single day. That’s the potential to save millions of single-use cups by simply switching to a 2GoCup!

It is simple and easy to work:

  • Step 1: Order your hot drink to go
  • Step 2: Pay a €1 deposit for your 2GoCup
  • Step 3: Return the 2GoCup for your €1 back or a fresh 2GoCup

Upon your first deposit, you receive a reusable lid. Keep your lid for reuse.

It is the same cost as using a single use disposable cup. But it is a much better alternative to a single use cup for the environment.

In Ireland many single-use cups:

  • End up as litter
  • End up in landfill or waste to energy facilities
  • Use more energy for production
  • Cost more money overall
  • Waste precious resources

Sinead McDonnell, Environmental Awareness Officer with Limerick City and County Council said: “It is wonderful to see Limerick cafés taking on board the 2GoCup option as an alternative to the single use disposable beverage cup. I would encourage as many people as possible to use a reusable cup/ travel mug or a 2GoCup to help prevent litter and waste.

“Many people say: What about recyclable or compostable cups? But these are still single-use cups and unfortunately due to the collection system in place, Ireland cannot recycle single-use cups so they end up as waste

“Compostable cups must make it into a brown bin to be composted. Many end up in the wrong bin or on the side of the road or hedgerow.”

For more information about the 2GoCup please visit: www.2gocup.ie.

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