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South Dublin County Council and Comhairle Na nÓg Aim to Tackle Litter Through Sticker Campaign

The Mayor of South Dublin County, Councillor Peter Kavanagh, has launched a new litter bin sticker campaign at an event in Corkagh Park.

The sticker was designed by Comhairle Na nÓg and Foróige in conjunction with the Environmental Awareness section of South Dublin County Council and highlights the importance of not leaving your rubbish on or around bins when they are full. It is important to ensure litter is disposed of correctly to protect the environment.

South Dublin County Council has some of the most beautiful parks in Ireland with five parks having received Green Flag Awards from An Taisce in 2021. Rubbish placed at bins is a major issue in all parks and on the streets of South Dublin County and throughout Ireland.

While the Council’s park rangers and public realm crews are constantly working to keep on top of collections, the Council’s new sticker campaign will ask the public who use South Dublin County parks to not leave rubbish in or around the bin if they find that the bin is full. The Council is asking that people locate another bin or bring the rubbish home.

Speaking the launch, Mayor Peter Kavanagh said, “I am delighted to launch this initiative to encourage people to keep our parks unspoilt and tidy. We all got to know our local parks a bit better during lockdown, and these stickers remind us that we can’t just leave rubbish. If a bin is full, find another, or take your rubbish home with you.”

Fionnghuala Ryan, Climate Change and Environmental Awareness Officer at South Dublin County Council, added, “rubbish left at or on the bins gets blown around the parks and bags ripped apart by wildlife and dogs. Let us help keep our parks clean, so we can all enjoy their beauty.”

Source: South Dublin County Council

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