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Family Friendly Traffic-Free Weekends to Begin on Parliament Street This Summer

Dublin City Council would like to announce that Parliament Street will be going traffic-free each weekend for two months, with a particular focus on encouraging families onto the street. 

Every Saturday and Sunday from July 1st to late August, pedestrians and cyclists will be free to enjoy the street from 11am to 11pm without the presence of vehicles. 

Traffic-free trials on Parliament St took place last summer on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6.30pm to 11pm. Feedback from those trials and others conducted in 2021 requested more family friendly times, so a decision was made a number of months ago to start this year’s measures from 11am and run them over the weekend. 

Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy said, “the decision to dedicate urban spaces to pedestrians and cyclists has been nothing short of transformative. It’s great to see the introduction of another traffic-free space in the heart of the city centre. I have no doubt that these traffic-free weekends will significantly enhance the experience of those visiting Parliament Street.”

Once the measures commence, deliveries can be made on the street up to 11am and Essex Quay and Essex St will remain open. 

Emergency vehicular access will be maintained at all times as the emergency services will be able to access all locations on Parliament St.

Permanent changes to Parliament St are currently being finalised as part of the City Centre Transport Study, a draft of which will be published for public consultation in August or September. 

Source: Dublin City Council

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