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Repair, Remake, Reimagine.

Less than 5% of household waste is reused by Irish families. National Reuse Month is an initiative that hopes to improve this percentage by organising events and campaigns alongside local authorities for communities across the country.

National Reuse Month was launched by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment on the 27th September in Roscommon. This initiative is supported by 31 Local Authorities across the country and is aimed at encouraging households and businesses to repair, remake and reimagine.

Kilkenny County Council’s plan to engage with the initiative, is for households and businesses to review their methods of reuse and encouraging the community to go a step further. The Environment Section of Kilkenny County Council is encouraging people and businesses to reuse everyday – at home, at work and at play. The Council are asking people to value what they already own by using and reusing it. This small change can help reduce greenhouse emissions by lowering the demand to manufacture and distribute.

‘Incorporating swapping, sharing, borrowing, refilling, repairing and purchasing second hand in our daily lives are all types of reuse which will benefit our environment and our own personal finances’, according to Kilkenny Council’s Environmental Awareness Officer, Mary Cashin.

For a full list of local or nationwide events, and tips on how to reuse see www.reusemonth.ie, or visit The Repair Directory; developed by Kilkenny County Council.

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